Criminology in criminal justice
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  • Type : Ebook
  • Author : Alexandre Chitov
  • ISBN : 9786163986931
  • Language : english
  • Number of Pages : 440
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On behalf of Chiang Mai University Press’ editorial team, I would like to thank for your interest this book, Criminology in Criminal Justice by Alexandre Chitov. In my opinion, the book comes out in the right time. In the past few years, the global communities have experienced a change in the way in which “justice” is de ned. Mainly, this comes from social and cultural divides which have affected legal practices in many countries. While providing an explanation on foundational concepts and the way in which each concept derive from, the author utilizes case studies from many places which help us understand these foundational ideas in criminology in a more critical way. I hope that the endeavor in the book would bene t not only law students but also other lay people who are interested in criminology.

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