Text Mining : Algrorithms and Applications
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  • Author : Kenneth Cosh
  • ISBN : 978-616-398-452-4
  • Language : English
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The quantity of text being produced daily in our modern world is unparalleled throughout history. Modern communication technologies afford anyone to create text and share it across the world. The internet has become our primary source of information and much of the core of the web is text. Virtually every interaction we have with social media creates more text in the form of user generated content. Given that the quantity of text grows on a scale that would be impossible for anyone to read or capture knowledge from, it is important to turn to technology to help with unlocking the wealth of information, ideas and knowledge contained within. Text Mining offers a valuable means to extract assets from text, and this book intends to provide ideas and examples of how text mining can provide an asset, whether for business intelligence, or for personal interest.

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